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The only available information about the original idea behind bachelorette parties seem to suggest that the celebrations – which would of course include singing and drinking – would ward off any evil spirits that may bring bad luck to the marriage.

Bachelorette parties, kitchen teas or hen nights are now traditionally enjoyed before the wedding, celebrating the future bride’s last night of freedom’.

Almost any celebration will do for girls to go mad on a ladies’ night, not just a bachelorette party. A Hen night often turns into a whole Hen Weekend!

Whatever the reason, you will want the occasion to go smoothly therefore it is always best to be organised.

Bachelorette Parties, Hen Parties, Ladies Nights

  • Set the date for the party and send out invites as early as possible. If you are booking entertainment, get your RSVPs in as soon as possible so you can book the entertainment early.
  • Ask guests to e-mail you a funny or touching story about the bride-to-be or the groom. Read them out at the kitchen tea, or select a few really good ones if there are too many.
  • Ask someone to write a description of each gift and who gave it as the bride opens them, so that she can write thank you notes later on.
  • If you are planning to go out after the festivities, why not hire a limousine? That will ensure that everyone arrives safely and you can keep partying on the way!
  • Take lots of photos!
  • Everything will seem a lot funnier if you are dressed up or accessorized with e.g. flashing tiaras, sashes, badges. You will probably look ridiculous, but it’s the last night of freedom after all, so let your hair down!

Theme Ideas:

  • Pyjama Party – Ideal for a winter kitchen tea!
  • Letter Party – Everyone must dress as something beginning with the first letter of the Bride’s name.
  • Kama Sutra Theme – Saris, bindis, cushions on the floor, throws over the furniture and lights…  Especially suited to belly dancing parties, tarot reading parties or undercover toy parties!
  • Celebrities
  • Girls of Playboy Mansion
  • Childhood Heroes
  • Horny Devils – Everyone can look the same, or get each guest to interpret the theme in their own way. Horns, tails and forks are compulsory!
  • Fantasy – Wings, wands, glitter. Great for summer bachelorette parties outdoors with candles and fairy lights in the trees.
  • Foreign Countries – Everyone wears traditional dress for the country. You can plan food, drinks and decor to match. Our favourites are Mexican, Chinese, Indian.

Here are some ideas for Games for your Bachelorette Party!

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