Bachelorette Party Games

bachelorette party gamesOrganising the bachelorette party for a friend on top of everything else you have to do to help your friend with her wedding preparations, can be pretty stressful, so we’ve put together a few tried and tested game ideas to keep the girls giggling…

Guess the Gift

This one speaks for itself. Ask each guest to attach a clue or an old photograph of herself to their gift. Fine her if she gets the answer wrong.

How Well Do They Know Each Other?

  • Print out a set of relationship questions for the groom to answer before the party, as well as a copy for the bride.
  • Cut the bride’s questions into strips.
  • Roll up the strips and insert them into balloons before blowing them up.
  • Before she is allowed to open a present (or as a forfeit if she guesses incorrectly who a present is from), the bride has to pop a balloon and answer the question.

Time Will Tell

  • Print some Truth or Dare questions for the bachelorette party.
  • Cut them into strips, curl or fold up each strip and place them into a hat or bowl.
  • As for Pass the Parcel, the ladies sit in a circle and pass the hat around to music. Whoever is left holding the hat when the music stops has to answer a question or perform a dare.

How Well Does She Know Her Guests?

  • Have all of the ladies write down on a piece of paper the name of their secret fantasy i.e. not their husbands/boyfriends.
  • Fold up all pieces of paper and place them in a hat.
  • The bride chooses a piece of paper and guesses who the secret fantasy belongs to (read out the names for her if you are a small group where she might easily recognise handwriting).
  • Another version of this game is to have each lady place 2-3 items from her handbag in a clear plastic bag at the beginning of the bachelorette party.
  • The bride then guesses who the items belong to.

Bachelorette Names

  • At the beginning of the bachelorette party, have each lady choose a silly / sexy name.
  • For the rest of the party, refer to everybody by her new name.
  • Anyone who forgets carries out a forfeit or drinks a shooter.
  • If they struggle to come up with their own creative names, they can blend their mother’s maiden name, the name of their first pet, and/or their favourite place together to create an interesting combination.

Pin the Privates on the Hunk

The adult version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You will need:

  • A poster of the hunk of your choice. Glue the poster onto a piece of polystyrene.
  • Draw, paint or cut out colourful willies for each guests
  • Place a drawing pin through the top of each willy picture or simply add a blob of prestik to the back.
  • Blindfold.
  • A prize for the guest who pins the privates in the most accurate place.

Cucumber Sandwich

  • Line all the guests up around the room.
  • Sandwich a cucumber between your legs, and pass it down the line.
  • The 1st line that makes it to the wins a prize or the other line performs a forfeit.

Don’t Forget – It’s a Bachelorette Party – HAVE FUN!

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