Tarot Reading Parties

Let us bring a sense of mystery to your Ladies Nights or Bachelorette Parties in Cape Town with our accurate archetypal Tarot Reading Parties:

Ciro Marchetti Tarot

Tarot cards are a powerful divination tool, using ancient archetypes during tarot readings to give more insight into almost any situation.

They are not fortune telling tools, as no one future is set in stone. Every decision we make, every step we take, influences our future. No cards, no person can tell you exactly what your future will be, but the cards can give you insight into a present situation by acting as a mirror reflecting your current journey in your inner world. The cards will give you advice on your situation and a likely outcome if you follow the advice given.

In my experience, the cards never lieā€¦ Even to the skeptics.


Bachelorette Parties Cape Town: Tarot Reading Parties

Cost: R 1,100.00 (Deposit: R 500)

At our parties, we give a short half hour tarot reading to the bride-to-be (or even birthday girl) as well as mini tarot readings of between 10 and 15 minutes each to those that want (up to 12 people per party) or even private, full tarot readings of approximately an hour (an R 300.00 per full reading) in length.

We also do full private consultations, as well as e-mail consultations:

Cost: R 300.00
Clients receive a written transcript of their tarot reading.

All tarot readings are held in the strictest confidence.

Goddessence Tarot Reading Parties are currently only available in Cape Town.

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